The price for transportation of boats is 200 DKK per boat per transport. However the minimum cost for boat transport is 800 DKK total.

If you are interested in having aluminium canoes or kayaks transported, then you should know
  1. We transport boats to and from specifik locations (examples below). This is because not all locations are suitable for deploying and/or collecting boats, since we use a canoe trailor for transporting the boats.
  2. We will bring all the equipment. This includes boats, life vests, paddles and any ordered extra equipment.
  3. If you wish to have boats transported, the minimum cost of rent (without tansport cost) is 400 DKK per boat, and 500 DKK if you wish to go further than Rådvad. This is because of the time it takes us to transport the canoes. On top of this is the cost of the transport itself.