We ask all of our costumers to please read our rules and regulations.


These prices are for renting both canoes, rowing boats and kayaks, and they are written as per boat. Life vests and paddles/oars are included in the prices. VAT is included in all the listed prices.


  • 1 hour         DKK 200
  • 2-3 hours    DKK 400
  • 4-6 hours    DKK 600
  • Full day*     DKK 700


*From when the boat is rented untill we close. For opening hours see Information and contact. Canoe carts are included in this price.


Boat rental over several days

               DKK 500 per day.


Extra equipment

  • Canoe cart DKK 100
  • Anchor       DKK    50 


For payment information see Information and contact.

Transportation of canoes

We offer canoe delivery and pickup. This means that we transport the canoes with a canoe trailer. Generally, groups travel from the rental and then have their canoes picked up somewhere along Mølleåen. Canoe transport is not available all days, because it it highly time consuming and sometimes does not fit our schedule. For this reason, we ask our costumers to order canoe transport well in time, so we can plan for it.

For more information on transportation of canoes please click here.


The canoes are our main attraction, and are perfect for a picnic trip in the area or a longer trip on Mølleåen towards Øresund. A canoe seats 2-3 persons, and if you want to travel on Mølleåen (towards Øresund), please choose the aluminium canoe, as it is best suited.

Rowing boat

The rowing boat is optimal for larger groups as it seats up to 4 persons, and is very sturdy and secure. Great for a short trip in the area.


Kayaks are single boats, and are more sporty than the canoe and rowing boat. If you are looking for a slight challenge, a kayak is a good choice.